Last week I embraced my Mennonite roots and made zummerborscht. What is zummerborscht you ask? First of all, it is a really fun word to say. Zummerborscht. Secondly, it's a thick, creamy, sour soup, made of sorrel, potatoes, and buttermilk. Delish!

I have been craving it for the past seven years. So I finally decided to make it myself. Here is how I made it:

  • I boiled 1 ham bone and 3 minced onions in 12 cups of salted water for 1 hour
  • then I added 6 cups of cubed potatoes and boiled for around 20 minutes
  • then I added a bunch of chopped sorrel, dill, and onion greens
  • then I added 2 cups of buttermilk
  • then it was pretty much done!

It was amazing and delicious, especially with freshly baked bread.

p.s. I got the recipe from the rare and elusive Mennonite Treasury of Recipes