my new favourite painting

I was in Pennsylvania last week, and spent one rainy muggy afternoon at the Brandywine River Museum just outside of Philadelphia. The museum houses some incredible paintings and illustrations by the likes of Howard Pyle, N.C Wyeth, Harvey Dunn, etc. One exhibition showed all 16 original illustrations that N.C. Wyeth painted for R.L Stevenson's Treasure Island. You guys, these originals are huge 3' x 4'ish oil paintings, each one a masterpiece. Can you believe he completed them all in under four months, with apparently very few preliminary drawings?


I fell in love with this one, illustrated for the endpapers of the  book. I could have gazed at it for hours.


Of course I bought the book.

For more educational accounts of Wyeth and his work, check out this biography, and this personal memoir by his son Andrew.