oh blog

Well it has been a busy few months, full of things like moving, cleaning, preparing for this wedding, gardening, hosting family, painting... And, most importantly, avoiding this blog.

Some serious catch-up is needed. A few really fun projects have been recently completed, which I am excited to share. Here is one:


My friend Ryan sent me this snapshot last week, asking if the illustration was mine. What a compliment to be recognized by one's illustration style! I had just finished a series of images for Presentation House Theatre's 2012–2013 season. This is the season image:


music and art


There is this band, Steel Audrey. They just released this album of six really great tracks. Trust me, they're good.

Also, the album art is kind of wonderful, if I may say so myself.


Steel Audrey's songs have bold, narrative lyrics. Our character-driven approach to the artwork has a rough-around-the-edges kind of feel, and I think well reflects the spirit of their songs. Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

2nd page news


A couple weeks ago I was interviewed for a Chinese-language newspaper called Ming Pao. Last week I got a sample of the printed paper. Look, the article about me got a whole page!

Actually, I did have to share a bit of space with the horoscopes.

So fun to see all the photos of me and my studio and my paintings in print. And look at all those words characters about me! Thanks Kate the journalist who wrote the article!


I once studied Mandarin for a year you know, and I can still remember a little of it. I am pretty sure that this part here says how I am the best artist in all of Vancouver, and possibly even the world.*

* may or may not be true – believe at your own discretion

on display


This is what I did today.

I am getting better at setting up my work. It usually takes around 500 hours to get everything organized and figure out where to place stuff on the wall. But today I did it in 2 hours. Nice. I took myself out for coffee afterwards.

My work* is on display for February/March in the lobby at Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver. They have some pretty sweet programs there (theatre for kids!) Also, I heard that Fred Penner will be performing there next month.

* originals and prints