in which andrea joins a book club, and also instagram

So, I finally have my new site up and running. I'm so happy with the changes – my shop is now incorporated into my site, I have a new events page, and I have finally updated my portfolio with work from the past couple of months (and years). 

Other news:

I joined instagram recently. After years of resisting the advances of technology, I finally surrendered and got a smart phone (in my defence, it was free, and it is several years old). And I love it more than I thought I would! If you're interested in vanity shots progress photos of my work, this is my instagram handle: @andrea.armstrong.


The next couple of months are looking good! I'll be in the Crawl for my 4th year, and I feel so honoured to participate as an artist living and working in East Van.

I also recently joined a book-club-slash-arts-collective, the aptly named Open Book Arts Collective. We have been reading and responding to Lars Gustafsson's The Death of a Beekeeper. It's about death. And other stuff. Come to our show on October 5th to see our art!

oh blog

Well it has been a busy few months, full of things like moving, cleaning, preparing for this wedding, gardening, hosting family, painting... And, most importantly, avoiding this blog.

Some serious catch-up is needed. A few really fun projects have been recently completed, which I am excited to share. Here is one:


My friend Ryan sent me this snapshot last week, asking if the illustration was mine. What a compliment to be recognized by one's illustration style! I had just finished a series of images for Presentation House Theatre's 2012–2013 season. This is the season image: