moving pictures

This summer I made my first animation!

A few months ago, my longest and most favourite client asked me if I knew anyone who did animation. I responded, "I would like to do animation. Take a chance on me?" Thus began hours and hours of watching After Effects tutorials, hours and hours of feeling in over my head, and then once I got into my groove, hours and hours of pure enjoyment. Making pictures move is a lot of fun! 

Kinbrace, my client, does amazing work in welcoming and supporting refugee claimants locally in Vancouver, and across Canada through education and orientation. This fall they are inviting people to hop on a bicycle and join the Ride for Refuge to raise funds and awareness for the work they do, and the people they welcome. Take a look and consider joining the movement!

in terms of gardening

Recently I created this series of illustrations for a group show called "Eat Your Veggies!" My pieces were about vegetable gardening and how the act of growing food fosters connection.

Through small vignettes that illustrate gardening glossary terms, I explore human connections to one another, to ourselves, the the earth, to time and the seasons, and to our past and future. 

I've made prints of all five illustrations available in my shop!

in which andrea joins a book club, and also instagram

So, I finally have my new site up and running. I'm so happy with the changes – my shop is now incorporated into my site, I have a new events page, and I have finally updated my portfolio with work from the past couple of months (and years). 

Other news:

I joined instagram recently. After years of resisting the advances of technology, I finally surrendered and got a smart phone (in my defence, it was free, and it is several years old). And I love it more than I thought I would! If you're interested in vanity shots progress photos of my work, this is my instagram handle: @andrea.armstrong.


The next couple of months are looking good! I'll be in the Crawl for my 4th year, and I feel so honoured to participate as an artist living and working in East Van.

I also recently joined a book-club-slash-arts-collective, the aptly named Open Book Arts Collective. We have been reading and responding to Lars Gustafsson's The Death of a Beekeeper. It's about death. And other stuff. Come to our show on October 5th to see our art!

eastside culture crawl, again


My brother Joel notified me today that I am featured on the Globe and Mail BC! It is an article about this weekend's Eastside Culture Crawl. To be honest, nowhere in the article am I mentioned at all, but they did use one of my paintings as the image. So that's kind of fun, hey?

And while we are on the subject of the Culture Crawl, oh yeah, it starts tomorrow! I am in the middle of hanging paintings, new ones and old ones. Here is a glimpse at a couple of the new faces you will see if you come and visit.


Hamilton Bank Building #4, 1895 Powell Street

Friday 5–10 Saturday 11–6 Sunday 11–6

Update: Found the printed version of the newspaper, and there I was again!

And yes. I know. Nothing says 'amateur' like getting so excited about seeing oneself in the newspaper.


he sees the glass as half empty


Last month I finished this painting for a client: a portrait of her boyfriend and his cat as a surprise birthday gift.

She sent me this charming story of how the surprise went down:

So on Saturday I left his place for my own birthday party, which he was going to miss because he was flying in at the same time from Toronto. I had hung his portrait on a suitable wall, put a big red bow on the corner of the frame, tucked the card in behind it on the other side, and gave kitty firm instructions not to swat the bow from atop the fridge.

At 8:30pm we were getting our meals, and I got a text from Justin saying his flight was early and he was on his way home. I did however get into a panic- would he like it? Would the surprise work? Did kitty pull the bow down? I had told everyone at dinner about it, and they were all waiting with baited breath.

Anyway when the text came through around 45 mins later, I was in the bathroom, and when I came back to our table everyone was silent and staring at me and a friend was holding out my phone urging me to check it.

The text read “Well played Haqqani, well played“.

He told me later it was the most romantic present he’s ever had (I’ll never understand boys’ perception of romance, but there you go)...

I am so thrilled the gift was a success. I love my job.



Another recent commission, this was a gift to Nicolas and James' parents. Nice gift idea huh?

I have a few portraits on the go right now, and am looking for another two or three for the next few months. If anyone would happen to want to commission a painting in time for Christmas, now is the time to contact me!

See some other commissioned portraits I have done here and here. Oh and here too.

And here again: